Prometheus Alerting Gotchas - Detecting No Events

Prometheus has become our de facto monitoring tool at Fresh8 for a number of reasons; it’s built in golang and open source, it’s built by SoundCloud, and it has a concept of labels which, in my mind, makes it far superior to statsd. There are some areas, however, that seem a bit more tricky to work with. Prometheus allows you to set up a number of alerts using rulesets, and has a separate Alert Manager to monitor these alerts separate to Prometheus itself. »

Deploying a Hugo Site to AWS S3 via Codeship

As you may have guessed looking at the footer of this site, I’ve started using Hugo as my static website engine. If you’re interested in why I’m using one of those, rather than a classic database-driven blog engine, there are a few articles on the subject. The reason I chose Hugo is almost purely because it’s written in Golang, the main language I use both at work and for personal projects. »